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Employer Meet Remote Worker; Life Will Never Be the Same

The changing dynamics and ever-growing demands of the market have forced many employers to allow their employees to work from home.  Employers have crunched the numbers and found there is money to be saved by hiring remote workers.  Employers have also learned during the age of Covid that productivity does not suffer when employees work from home as was once the concern.  Another concern was communication, but with the many different online communication platforms, there has been little interruption in teamwork.

Why is Working from Home an Excellent Option?

Well, to answer this question, we need to think from both employer and employee perspectives.  As you will see, remote workers greatly benefit the employer and the employee.

Working from Home Benefits the Employer!

The benefit of letting employees work from home is more than just an illusion.  Employers have figured out the benefits and all indicators point to an even larger remote workforce in the future.

Here’s why more and more employers are allowing their employees to work from home:

  • It is amazingly easy to keep everybody in the loop while working from home. Communication platforms such as Zoom, that seemed to pop up out of no-where in the last year, have assured employers that collaboration is strong among their staff.
  • Many employers who would have never allowed a major part of their work force to work from home because of productivity concerns, were forced into allowing it during the pandemic. These same employers have now discovered that remote workers are as productive as in office workers.  In fact, because there is less of a temptation to socialize with fellow employees that would be at the office, employees are able to get more work done from home in many cases.
  • Employers have found that with more remote workers, they do not need as large of an office building, their utilities decrease, and less office supplies are needed. When overhead goes down, employers see their net profit increase, which is a huge incentive to continue to keep a large remote workforce.
  • Organizations require a continuous talent inflow to achieve their objectives as well as the option of hiring exceptionally qualified people at fair market value. Sometimes it is not easy to get top notch employees close to home.  Hiring remote employees broadens the pool of qualified workers because it enables employers to search in other states as well as other countries.

Working from Home Benefits the Employees Too!

Remote work is not just advantageous for employers.  It is equally beneficial for the employees too.  Some of the benefits of working from home are extremely attractive to the busy family that feels like they do not have a moment to spare.

  • Some employers may allow the remote worker to work when it is convenient for them. It should be noted that not all jobs can allow a worker to choose their own hours, but for those that can, this is a huge benefit for parents with a busy schedule of children’s activities.
  • Remote employees can work from anywhere there is an internet connection and cell phone reception. This is a huge convenience especially while waiting to see a doctor or picking up children from school.
  • Remote workers can often “dress down” everyday! Business attire takes on a whole new meaning working from home, not to mention the savings from not having to purchase the type of clothes worn in an office.
  • With less drive time, this affords the remote worker more personal time. Some employees drive an hour 1 way to work every day.  If someone drives 2 hours a day round trip to work and home, that’s 10 hours a week and most of us do not get paid for that time.  How much time would it take for you to get to work if you were working from home – if you had a hard night, you could sit up in bed, grab your laptop and start working (not realistic but possible!).  Just think what you could do with an extra 10 hours a week, the possibilities are endless.  Also, not driving those 10 hours a week would be a pay raise in itself because of the savings in gasoline cost. 
  • Something a remote worker could easily do at home that is not so easy to do at the office is to take a power nap. We have all heard that productivity increases when workers have the option of taking a nap - such a luxury that certainly is not afforded an office worker.
  • Workplace stress that is often associated with office politics can severely affect the health of employees. Working from home can greatly reduce that stress because you are not confronted daily with some of the office politics that is common in the workplace.  Additionally, working from home naturally allows you to have more time with family which helps reduce work stress as well. 
  • Would it be far- fetched to assume that because employers save a tidy sum of money utilizing remote workers that they would pass some of their profits on to their employees in the way of incentives? This would be a win for both the employer and employee – the employer reaps the benefits of a happy employee and the employee has additional money for necessities or vacation. That would certainly be an advantage. 

If you find yourself suddenly working from home, anticipating the transition from office to home, or you have been working from home but have not had a chance to turn your designated room into an office, let Home Desk Treasures help.

How to Turn Your Room into a Home Office:

Now that we have discussed why working from home is beneficial for both the employer and employee, we are going to see how a room in a home can be turned into a home office.

1. Select a Workroom
The first and primary thing to do is to select a room for your office work.  If possible, choose a room that has a large window that will envelop your room with natural light.  Make sure the room offers the privacy you would need to concentrate.  Also, make sure the room is big enough to contain the office furnishings needed to make working easier and comfortable.

2. The right desk
Choosing the right desk will save you regret later.  Some of the questions you might ask yourself when selecting a desk might be:  is it a quality desk (will it stand the test of time?), does it have enough surface space, do I want a stand-up desk, should there be a pull out for a keyboard, do I want a center drawer for storage, how many drawers will I need?

3. Additional storage
Credenza’s, sideboards, or buffets may give you the additional storage you may need.  If you have a lot reading material, you may need bookshelves as well.  With storage cabinets, keep in mind they need to be very sturdy to store heavier items, so quality is key.

4. Lighting
Let us not forget lighting when natural light is not enough. It is easy to forget about lighting and how crucial it is to your health.  Eye strain is real and can lead to headaches not to mention work mistakes.  Now, style does not have to be forfeited when choosing the right lighting.  Pay close attention to the max wattage of bulb/bulbs that can be used, and you will be able to pick the lighting that will work best for your office.

5. Seating
Office seating is especially important as well. The primary chair that you will sit in, your desk chair, is another furnishing that is crucial for your health.  Most of us have experienced back pain – let’s face it, a desk chair can be a pain in the “back” for sure!  This is where I am going to say again the word QUALITY.  Where the back of a desk chair rests comfortably against your back is very individualized – that comfort can even change depending on how you slept the night before.  It would be a good idea to consider a desk chair that allows you to adjust up or down.  Other office seating to consider would be comfortable chairs or possibly a loveseat depending on your space.

Home Desk Treasures wants to meet all your home office furnishing needs.  Please let us know if there were other products you would like us to carry.

All The Best!!!