10 Beautiful Flowers That Look Like Birds

Canna Lily:

The Canna Lily's flowers have long, tubular petals that can resemble the shape of a bird's beak, particularly when viewed from certain angles.

Parrot's Beak:

This trailing plant produces unique, curved flowers that resemble the beak of a parrot, hence its common name.

Bird of Paradise:

The striking flowers of the Bird of Paradise plant resemble the colorful plumage of tropical birds, particularly when fully open.

Hummingbird Vine:

Also known as Cypress Vine, this plant produces delicate, tubular flowers that can attract hummingbirds.

Bleeding Heart:

The flowers of the Bleeding Heart plant have a distinctive shape resembling a heart with a droplet at the bottom.


The flowers of the Snapdragon plant have a unique shape that resembles a dragon's mouth when gently squeezed.


The vibrant, crested flowers of the Cockscomb plant can resemble the head plumage of certain birds.

Prunus serrulata:

Some varieties of cherry blossoms have petals that, when viewed from a distance, may resemble the wings of birds in flight.


This orchid species produces white flowers with elongated, fringed petals that bear a resemblance to the shape of an egret bird in flight.

Garden Balsam:

The unique shape of Garden Balsam flowers, with their elongated spurs, can evoke the image of a bird in flight when viewed from certain angles.

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