10 Cheapest Fast Food Items To Buy This January

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Dollar Menu Items:

Many fast-food chains have a dollar menu or value menu featuring items like small burgers, chicken sandwiches, or sides.

Value Burgers:

Look for basic hamburgers or cheeseburgers on the value menu, as these tend to be more affordable options.

Chicken Nuggets:

Some fast-food chains offer budget-friendly deals on chicken nuggets, which are often part of a value menu or promotional offer.

Soft Tacos:

Mexican fast-food chains may have inexpensive soft tacos or burritos on their menus, especially during promotional periods.

Side Salads:

Consider opting for a side salad, which is typically more budget-friendly than larger salad options and can still be satisfying.

Potato Items:

French fries, hash browns, or other potato-based items are often reasonably priced and can be found on value menus.

Breakfast Burritos:

Some fast-food chains offer affordable breakfast burritos, particularly during breakfast hours.

Dollar Drink Deals:

Check for promotions on beverages, as some fast-food restaurants may have special offers on small drinks or certain drink sizes.

Hot Dogs:

Hot dogs are often among the more affordable items on fast-food menus, especially if they are part of a combo or value meal.

Ice Cream Cones:

Some fast-food chains have economical ice cream options, such as soft-serve cones or basic sundaes.


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