10 Disney Princess Outfits, Ranked From Best to Worst

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Belle's Yellow Ballgown:

Belle's iconic yellow ballgown is widely considered one of the most beautiful and recognizable Disney Princess outfits.

Cinderella's Blue Ballgown:

Cinderella's classic blue ballgown is elegant and timeless, capturing the essence of a fairy-tale princess.

Sparkling Blue Dress:

Ariel's blue dress is vibrant and captures the underwater theme with its shimmery and flowing design.

Elsa's Ice Queen Gown:

Elsa's ice queen gown, featured prominently in "Let It Go," is stunning and reflects her magical ice powers.

Mulan's Matchmaker Dress:

Mulan's matchmaker dress is culturally rich and symbolizes her journey in the film.

Rapunzel's Purple Dress:

Rapunzel's purple dress is whimsical and reflects her artistic and adventurous personality.

Moana's Island Dress:

Moana's island dress is culturally inspired, reflecting the Polynesian setting of the film.

Jasmine's Teal Outfit:

Jasmine's teal outfit is iconic and reflects her independent and adventurous spirit.

Merida's Archery Outfit:

Merida's archery outfit is practical and suits her strong and independent character.

Sleeping Beauty's Briar Rose Dress:

Aurora's Briar Rose dress is simple yet charming, capturing the innocence of the character.


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