10 Foods Everyone Actually Hates

Durian: Known for its strong smell, durian is a fruit that people either love or hate.

Black licorice: Its distinct flavor can be polarizing, with some people finding it too strong or medicinal.

Cilantro: While some enjoy its fresh, citrusy flavor, others find it tastes like soap due to genetic factors.

Anchovies: These small, salty fish are often divisive, with some people enjoying their intense flavor and others finding it too overpowering.

Liver: Some people dislike the strong, metallic taste of liver, while others enjoy its nutrient content.

Brussels sprouts: These cruciferous vegetables can be disliked for their bitter taste, especially when overcooked.

Blue cheese: Its strong, pungent flavor and moldy appearance can be off-putting to some.

Marmite/Vegemite: These spreads made from yeast extract have a strong, salty flavor that many people find unappealing.

Okra: Its slimy texture when cooked can be a turn-off for some, despite its nutritional benefits.

Sardines: Like anchovies, sardines can be divisive due to their strong flavor and oily texture.

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