10 Interior Design Trends We're Saying Goodbye to in 2024

All-White Interiors:

While white spaces can be timeless, the trend of exclusively white interiors has started to give way to more varied color palettes.

Overly Industrial Decor:

The industrial aesthetic with exposed pipes, raw materials, and factory-like elements was gradually becoming less dominant.

Open Shelving in Kitchens:

Open shelving in kitchens had gained popularity, but some were moving away from it due to maintenance challenges.

Millennial Pink:

The trendy Millennial Pink color was losing its dominance in favor of other color palettes.

Chevron Patterns:

Chevron patterns, popular in the early 2010s, were becoming less common as other geometric patterns gained traction.

Minimalism at All Costs:

Overly minimalistic designs were evolving into more eclectic and personalized styles with richer textures and diverse decor items.

Barn Doors:

Barn doors had become a popular feature in interior design, but some started to see them as overused, leading to a decline in their popularity.

Matching Furniture Sets:

The trend of perfectly matching furniture sets in every room was giving way to a mix-and-match approach with diverse styles.

Rose Gold Everything:

The pervasive use of rose gold in decor and accessories was beginning to wane, making room for other metallic finishes.

Terrazzo Overload:

Terrazzo, once a popular flooring and surface material, was becoming less prevalent in interiors as people explored other materials and finishes.