12 tasty taco recipes to try at home

Made with a beer batter, these Baja-inspired fish tacos are seriously light and crunchy. Keep the first batch of fried fish warm in the oven while you’re cooking the second.

Fish tacos

There's no end to the combination of fillings that you can stuff in a soft tortilla but tacos al pastor – tacos filled with marinated and grilled pork – is famously good.

Tacos al pastor

The meat from confit duck legs just falls apart and makes the perfect taco filling. It sounds fancy but you can buy the duck ready-made.

Confit duck tacos

The trick to getting really succulent, aromatic pork is to marinate it overnight in the fridge, before slow cooking it in white wine and chicken stock

Pulled pork tacos

This recipe features delicate sea bass, avocado, crunchy radish, lemon juice and olive oil – you can eat it as it is or piled into a hard or soft tortilla.

Sea bass ceviche tacos

These are the crunchiest, most decadent fish finger tacos made with panko-crusted hake, avocado cream and a homemade watermelon salsa.

Panko-crusted fish and watermelon salsa tacos

Celeriac slaw provides the crunch you’re looking for, plus lots of acidity thanks to the lime dressing.

Spicy prawn tacos

Fried eggs served on corn tortillas with cooked tomatoes and refried beans – this is a hearty breakfast dish you won't want to reserve just for the morning.

Huevos rancheros tacos

Making fresh and spicy prawn ceviche couldn’t be easier. Once marinated and cured, combine the prawns with avocado, red onion and tomato.

Prawn ceviche tacos

Barbacoa is slow-cooked, seasoned meat and it's often shredded and served in tacos.

Beef barbacoa tacos

There are so many different flavours and textures in this recipe, with fried potato cubes, chopped vegan sausage, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and avocado.

Breakfast hash tacos