A friendship without communication is like baking dough without yeast; it will never rise. Burying our thoughts and emotions never helps any relationship.

1. Lack of Communication

No one wants to be on the receiving end of criticism, especially if it’s unfair or untrue. Constantly criticizing your friends’ choices or actions can strain and break the relationship.

2. Being Overly Critical

Marriage.com reveals that dishonesty is one of the top reasons couples break up. Similarly, lying or keeping secrets from a friend is a huge betrayal and can damage trust, sometimes irreparably.

3. Dishonesty

Some people knowingly or obliviously manipulate or guilt-trip their friends into doing what they want. This erodes trust and often breeds resentment when the manipulated party finally realizes that this is what is being done to them.

4. Being Manipulative

People want to feel free to be themselves and make independent choices. Trying to dictate your friend’s actions or decisions can make them feel suffocated.

5. Being Controlling

Strong friendships are mostly built on an unspoken agreement that you will do what you said you would and be where you promised to be. Every person wants their friend to be the Bonnie to their Clyde, without the robberies.

6. Unreliability

Friendship is about having your friend’s back at all times, and gossip is the exact opposite. Talking behind your friend’s back or spreading rumors will always damage trust.

7. Gossiping

Jealousy can creep in without us being conscious of it, and if one is not careful, it can consume you and your relationship. Feeling envious of your friend’s successes or possessions can breed resentment.

8. Jealousy