9 Cottage Cheese Recipes That Are Actually Delicious

This recipe (which clocks with only 5 ingredients!) swaps in cottage cheese instead of nuts to give the sauce a luxe creamy consistency.

1) Creamy Kale Pasta

This cottage cheese breakfast recipe is the perfect combo of spicy, sweet, creamy, and crunchy. Don't skip the aleppo pepper for a hit of smokiness.

2) Hot-Honey Broiled Pineapple Toast

A quadrant of this grilled pie packs in nearly 20 grams of protein, thanks to a whole-wheat pizza dough and (of course!) cottage cheese, which stands in as a creamy alternative to mozzarella.

3) "Caprese" Pizza

These l'il bagel bite cuties make for an impressive baking project, but get this: they take less than an hour from start to finish to whip up. Consider adding to your breakfast rotation ASAP!

4) Turmeric Bagel Holes

Wondering what's best to put on top of cottage cheese? Try a ribbon of cucumber, key for hydration, and a drizzle of salsa macha, chockful of nuts and seeds.

5) Cucumber Cottage Cheese Toast

When blended in a food processor, cottage cheese becomes an airy dreamy dip, perfect for serving with juicy roasted tomatoes.

6) Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Whipped Cottage Cheese

Black beans are an epic source of plant-based protein, but they aren't a complete source. Add cottage cheese to get your full dose of amino acids.

7) Black Bean and Cottage Cheese Dip

Fan of ricotta on your pie? Adding a spread of cottage cheese to your pizza base matches the craveable creaminess of the Italian cheese and ups the protein.

8) Spinach and Artichoke Pizza

Make these pancakes mini to serve as an appetizer, or cook up a big round as dinner topped with a lemony arugula salad.

9) Summer Squash Pancakes