Granola bars are often marketed as the ultimate healthy snack — quick energy and a source of fiber.

Granola Bars

Yogurt is a known source of probiotics and protein. However, the flavored varieties typically hide added sugars.

Flavored Yogurt

Juice might seem like a quick fix for a dose of vitamins, but without the fiber from the fruit, it becomes a concentrated source of sugar.

Fruit Juice

Despite the name, veggie chips are often not much healthier than regular potato chips. Many are made from potato starch and other starches, which can result in a similar high glycemic index.

Veggie Chips

Just because they’re called “protein bars” doesn’t mean they’re all lean and clean.

Protein Bars

Smoothies can seem like a wholesome meal or snack. Still, they can also punch in the calorie department, especially if they’re packed with sugary fruits, juices, and flavored yogurts.


Rice cakes are often touted as low-calorie snacks, but their high glycemic index can spike blood sugar.

Rice Cakes

While dried fruits are a source of vitamins and minerals, they also pack high concentrations of natural sugars and calories as the water content is removed.

Dried Fruit

Veggie burgers seem like the ultimate compromise—giving you the satisfaction of a burger with the nutrition of vegetables.

Veggie Burgers

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