9 foods to avoid on the keto diet 

These tropical treats have a high carb content, packing in 50 grams per fruit! Instead, opt for a lower-carb fruit like watermelon (11 grams per cup), strawberries (13 grams per cup) or cantaloupe (13 grams per cup).


While many vegetables do make the cut for keto diet foods, sweet potatoes are not one of them, as each one contains 27 grams of carbs.

Sweet Potatoes

While corn may seem like a good gluten-free grain alternative for those following keto, its carb count is too high to qualify. One cup of corn kernels boasts nearly 20 grams of carbohydrates.


There are certainly many reasons to enjoy a glass of wine (it may improve heart health, for example). But when you think about the ingredients used to make wine, it's no surprise that it's off keto meal plans.

Red Wine

While eating keto includes plenty of high-fat foods, that doesn't mean any and all kinds of fat are ideal. It's important to know the difference between good fats and bad fats when cooking at home.

Canola Oil

Sure, most diets will restrict your sugar intake, but eating keto means avoiding all forms of the substance. This includes healthier sweeteners like maple syrup, honey and dates. They're simply too high in carbs to support ketosis.

Maple Syrup

Fruit juices, just like carb-loaded whole fruits, don't fit the keto diet. Fruit juice concentrates the naturally-occurring sugars found in fruit and removes all the health-promoting fiber.

Fruit Juice

In the same way that fruit juice concentrates the sugars found in fruit, the process used to make dried fruit has the same effect. Plus, many varieties add refined sugar to their products, making matters worse.

Dried Fruit

Chips, crackers, cookies and snack foods are all off-limits on the keto diet. Low in fiber and high in carbs, these items do not support the goal of keto eating, aka reducing carbs enough to stay in ketosis and burn stored fat.

Processed Foods