It's time to say goodbye to those ballpark franks—as well as other highly processed meats like bacon and salami.

Hot dogs

Cooking meat at very high temperatures can increase the levels of HCAs [chemicals called heterocyclic amines] in the protein, which can be carcinogenic.

Barbecued or fried chicken

We all want that little treat at the end of the day, but unfortunately, settling in with a box of cookies might not be the way to do it.


You probably know soda is bad for you, but you might mistakenly believe sports drinks are healthy—they're not, because they contain a lot of sugar as well.

Sports drinks

If you shouldn't have sugar, should you try snacks labeled "sugar-free" instead? Not quite. "Sugar-free snacks often replace sugars with artificial ingredients or added fats

Sugar-free snacks

If you do chose an alternative, "make sure to choose a variety that contains fortified calcium and vitamin D to promote healthy bones.

Almond milk

If you suffer from hot flashes or gastrointestional reflux [which is also more common in older adults], adding spicy foods like hot sauce to your diet is not recommended.

Hot sauce

Some brands contain partially hydrogenated oils, which are trans fats.


The body needs some dietary fat in moderation to help with absorption of fat-soluble nutrients like vitamins A, D, K, and E

Low-fat foods

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