9 Items I'd Never Buy From Value Village, Even As A Die-Hard Thrifter

Like bedding, there's just something about buying towels from a thrift store that makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable.


There are some second hand items you just can't test the quality and condition of until you get them home – and electronics are among them.


This one probably needs no explanation, but did you know that some thrift stores – including some Value Village locations – do sell second hand undergarments?


​Although I'd definitely pick up some types of jewellery from Value Village, like a necklace, watch, or bracelet, for example, earrings are generally a product I'd steer clear of.


However, similar to electronics, I am always cautious about spending money on products that I can't guarantee will work as expected once I get them home, especially if I know I can't return them at a later date if they're faulty.

CDs, DVDs and vinyls

If you're one of the lucky shoppers, you might be able to snag a genuine designer item at a great price from a thrift store.

Expensive designer items

Research suggests that pillows and cushions are often full of nasties like dead skin cells, dust mites and even potentially bed bugs, which is off-putting enough by itself.

Cushions and pillows

While I'd be happy to purchase plastic kids toys and certain games from Value Village, I'm always wary about buying puzzles and board games specifically.

Board games