You’re wasting money if you pump premium gasoline into a car that doesn’t need it. Premium gas isn’t cleaner or better, but it is more expensive than regular gas.

1. Premium Gas

Extended warranties sound like a good idea, but the reality is different. They often cost a lot and don’t cover everything that could go wrong.

2. Extended Warranties

Paperback and hardback books can look nice on a shelf. Hardcopy books also provide that tactile, more traditional reading experience

3. Books

There’s a fine line between decor and junk. Things you buy for display only don’t always add much joy or value to your life. Functionality often trumps decorative.

4. Knickknacks

Paying for things that end up in the trash after one use isn’t the best use of your money. Most paper products and disposable cleaning cloths fall into this category.

5. Paper Products

When you run out of something, you might be in the habit of going out and replacing it right away or as soon as possible without checking prices

6. Non-sale Items

I can’t count how many times I’ve gone to a store and come home with more than I planned. It was usually because something on sale caught my eye.

7. Sale Items You Don’t Need

With bulk purchases, you pay more upfront and save money in the long run. It doesn’t work if you end up throwing out half your purchase.

8. Bulk Purchases That Go to Waste

Bottled water is bad for the environment and an unnecessary expense that accumulates over time. A water filter or water filtering pitcher for tap water will cut costs.

9. Bottled Water