Cancel your cable bill. With services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, you can now watch almost anything immediately, and for a fraction of the cost of cable TV.

Cable Television

Sure, plastic baggies are incredibly convenient, and we've gotten into the habit of buying box after box. But these reusable baggies cost about as much as a big pack of sandwich bags and are easy to wash and re-use.

Plastic Baggies

We're not just talking about the items that catch your eye as you shop hungry or wait in the checkout line — but certainly resist those too.

Impulse Purchases

So many of the store-bought cleaning products taking up your cabinet space really could be replaced with a few pantry items (cleaning vinegar and baking soda are two that top the list).

Cleaning Products

A recent study at the University of Vermont found that the average American wastes nearly a pound of food daily. That's bad news for your wallet and the environment.

Unnecessary Groceries

A 36-pack of microfiber cloths costs you about the same as a 12-pack of paper towels, but it will last you way longer. Invest in a stash of pretty cloth napkins, too.

Paper Towels & Napkins

Invest in a few reusable wool dryer balls instead. You'll save money on repeat dryer-sheet purchases, plus you'll cut down on dry-time by up to 40 percent, according to the dryer-ball manufacturer (which then saves on energy costs).

Dryer Sheets

All those $3 and $5 purchases really do add up. Switching to free ecards instead of sending across the miles saves you money on postage, too—Smilebox, justWink and PaperlessPost are some popular options.

Greeting Cards

Stop before you buy new, and consider less expensive (and more eco-friendly) thrift and vintage items instead.

New Clothes