Arby's New Sandwich Features the Most Flavorful Steakhouse Cut of All

Arby's new sandwich seems to satisfy meat aficionados. Plenty of actual steak? Check! Soft garlic roll? Check! Cheese? Check! Best of all

This huge sandwich has thinly sliced garlic-and-herb ribeye steak, crispy onions, Swiss cheese, and garlic aioli on a toasted garlic bread. It was

temporarily included to national menus. This hearty sandwich promises a lot of quality meat for $7, depending on location.

"In launching our new Steakhouse Garlic Ribeye Sandwich, Arby's is leaning into our expertise in quality meats

and excited to offer our fans this new cut of tender ribeye steak in a sandwich," said Rita Patel, chief marketing officer.

Last year, Arby's bet on beef-packed sandwiches like Diablo Dare Brisket and its first burger. Its unusual combination of Kobe and

ordinary beef grabbed waves when it debuted in May 2022. When it returned for a curtain call in November, Arby's president Jim Tayor

declared it "the most successful LTO (limited-time offer) that we've ever done," despite mixed reviews.

As steak lovers know, many chefs consider the ribeye the best cut of beef to grill or order at a steakhouse. Arby's decision seems to be another winner. 

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