Best Plants for Container Gardening Indoor

The hardy snake plant thrives in low light and requires little care. The indoor air purifier is popular since it's great.

1. Snake Plant

Spider plants thrive indoors and are adaptive. Their young spider plant leaves arch, creating visual appeal. In indirect light, they thrive.

2. The Spider Plant 

White blossoms and glossy dark green leaves make peace lilies appealing. Low to medium light settings help them thrive and improve interior air quality.

3. Spathiphyllum

Pothos flourishes in a variety of light settings and requires little care. Trailing vines make it ideal for hanging baskets or cascading pots.

4. Epipremnum aureum

ZZ plants tolerate dryness and low light. Their glossy leaves are ideal for low-light areas.

5. Zumioculcas zamiifolia

Aloe vera is a cute succulent with medical potential. It likes indirect light and well-draining soil. Dry the soil between waterings.

6. The Aloe Vera plant

Popular fiddle leaf figs have big, violin-shaped leaves. They love strong, indirect light and can make a statement indoors.

7. Lyrata fiddle leaf fig

Echeveria, jade, and sempervivum thrive in indoor containers. These colorful plants need well-draining soil and intense light.

8. Variety of Succulents

Bamboo palms bring tropical flair indoors. Air-purifying plants flourish in indirect light.

9. Kamaedorea seifrizii

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