Burger King is offering free breakfast ALL WEEK

Burger King is giving out free breakfasts in honor of the move to daylight saving.

All week, the fast food chain is handing out free breakfasts to customers.

The catch is that you need to buy something else costing $1.

On Thursday, when the freebie is a sundae pie, you need to spend a little more.

The deals are for members of Burger King’s Royal Perks loyalty program. Activate the offer in the ‘offers’ tab in the BK app or on bk.com before placing an order.

A large order of hash browns for free with a $1 purchase.

The latest deals come after Burger King welcomed back some items to its menu in December.

Available in four and eight-pieces, these make for a 'warmly delicious snack or comforting addition to any BK meal', the company said.