Caitlin Clark Criticized For 'Classless' Move During The NCAA Tournament

Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes won a physical, hard-fought game in the NCAA Tournament last night against West Virginia.

Clark put up another great game with 32 points and eight rebounds, but some are focused on her actions in between plays on the court.

After Clark made an and-one basket late in the game, she showed some emotion and yelled "shut the [expletive] up." Some fans criticized Clark for yelling that out after the big play. "And parents want her to be a role model for their young girls?," one fan asked.

"So this is the great role model to y’all. She’s so kind when the cameras are on but in game she can’t really hide her true personality," another fan said. "Yikes. Not a good look. Especially when you’re in Iowa City—who are you telling to shut up?," said one fan.

now if it was a lsu player," one fan said, noting the criticism that LSU players have faced since their championship run last season. Some fans saw the incident differently, and they were happy with the emotion that Clark showed on the floor.

can we let her be competitive? sports, especially newer sports such as women’s basketball, need players like this," one fan said.

Every scrub complaining about her language would 100% get dropped in a 1v1 against her. That’s loser talk," another fan added. "I love how people will not watch women's basketball all year .But they all show up during the tournament and criticize everything. Y'all are hilarious," said another fan.

"I think you should always be allowed to say cuss words during sports," one fan said. Clark and her Iowa teammates will continue their run in the Sweet Sixteen on Saturday afternoon with a game against Colorado. If they win, they could face LSU in a rematch of last year's national championship game in the Elite Eight.

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