Hawaiian Airlines Introduces Free Inflight Wi-Fi Powered By SpaceX’s Starlink

This week, Hawaiian Airlines pioneers the provision of satellite-based Wi-Fi services on board commercial aircraft, powered by SpaceX's Starlink. 

This innovation transforms the in-flight experience and makes the airline the first major U.S. carrier to offer such services.

Hawaiian Airlines' action signifies a notable progression within the airline sector's endeavors to furnish passengers with fast connectivity while in transit. 

At this time, complimentary Wi-Fi is provided on board JetBlue Airways, and since last year, Delta Air Lines has provided complimentary internet access to members of its loyalty program.

Hawaiian Airlines operates a wide-ranging route network that spans the Pacific Ocean, linking major communities in Hawaii and the United States mainland with international locations including New Zealand, Australia, and Japan, among others.

The recent integration of Starlink-enabled Wi-Fi will provide passengers with uninterrupted connectivity and improved experiences during their flights.

Hawaiian, which had not previously provided any form of in-flight Wi-Fi, commenced its partnership with SpaceX in April 2022, subsequent to the signing of an agreement. 

The objective was to deliver dependable in-flight Wi-Fi by utilizing the Starlink network, which consists of over 5,000 satellites in low Earth orbit and currently serves over 2.3 million consumers worldwide.

Hawaiian Airlines has indeed verified that the installation process for Starlink terminals on its Airbus A321 aircraft has commenced, with the completion of six installations to date. 

Throughout the year, the airline intends to outfit a combined count of 18 A321 jets and 24 A330 aircraft with Starlink technology.

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