Josh Smith names the only three players that he had problems guarding in the NBA

Josh Smith was an underrated player who helped the Atlanta Hawks go on playoff runs for six seasons.

While many may remember the left-handed forward for his athleticism, rim-rocking slam dunks, and winning the 2005 Slam Dunk Contest, Smith made a name for himself as a fierce defender who could keep in step with either quick guards or versatile forwards.

J-Smoove took on all comers and was more often than not successful in defending the NBA's most lethal scorers. Aside from his natural athletic ability and defensive instinct, Smith also took time to study his opponents' tendencies and learn their moves.

“I don't know what year it was, maybe two years I led the league in ISO percentages defensively, like not getting scored on, so it was like I studied it,” Smith said.

One player who stood out to Smith as a tough challenge was Gilbert Arenas, also known as “Agent Zero.” Smith recognized that Arenas had the same skills and shot-making ability as current NBA superstar Steph Curry, making him a handful to defend.

“When I was younger, man, I mean, obviously, Gilbert Arenas, off the pick and rolls, he was, before those injuries, he was a blur with the ball, and was like the Steph Curry before Steph Curry, shooting the ball almost half-court,” Smith shared.

Smith also mentioned Carmelo Anthony as another player he enjoyed playing against. A terror on the block with shifty moves to get buckets, Anthony was a problematic opponent for Smith.

“I say Carmelo, when I was younger, knowing how to take that bump that he gives you and being able to stay, like, in space after the bump,” Josh added. “It won't look like nothing but a move, you know what I mean?”

Smith admitted he had trouble dealing with bruising forwards who used brute strength to overpower him, one such player being Zach Randolph.

“So guys like that, I say, Zach Randolph, battling him, you'll be bruised, man, putting ice bags on that thing,” Smith said.