Looking to save on grocery? 10 products you should always buy at Costco

Shoppers are often surprised to learn that grocery stores often sell cooked rotisserie chicken for lower prices than uncooked whole chickens, but Costco takes that to a new level.

Rotisserie chicken

Rumour has it that Kirkland Signature French Vodka is actually identical to premium vodka brand Grey Goose, despite being a fraction of the price.

French vodka

Children raised in Costco-shopping families know that getting dragged out on a shopping trip comes with one major upside: pizza


Bottled water is often absurdly expensive for what should really be a free resource. Its low price at Costco won’t change the minds of anyone ethically opposed to disposable water bottles, but at US$0.22 per bottle,

Bottled water

Generic store brands sometimes get a bad rap, but Kirkland Signature is noted for its good quality. Celebrity chef Samin Nosrat, star of Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix

Olive oil

Experienced chefs may have finer palates for the stuff, but Costco’s house brand of pure vanilla extract is just fine for the rest of us.

Vanilla extract

Raw honey can be expensive when you purchase it from the supermarket, but the Kirkland Signature organic raw honey is a steal compared to most other brands.

Raw honey

You’ve probably seen the gigantic wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano in the cheese aisle at Costco and while we can’t in good conscience recommend purchasing the whole thing


In addition to the various foods and consumer goods sold under its label, Costco also sells a variety of private-label wines under its Kirkland Signature banner.


Critics at The Takeout weren’t blown away by the beers, but they have nice things to say about the IPA and APA, and you can’t beat the value.