Make This Curry Leaves Lassi- Your Summer Drink.

From the last to the best  restaurants, people order lassi. The most popular cold and curd-based drinks are chaas and lassi

We now provide 'kadhi patta lassi', which adds flavor and health advantages to the drink.

Here is the recipe for 'Kadhi Patta Lassi': Serves: Two


Two cups curd, two tablespoons hanging curd One cup curry leaves, Chaat masala: tasty, Black peppercorn: tasteful, Black Salt: tasteful, Sugar: to taste, Water: 1 cup, One tsp oil, Black mustard seed—half teaspoon, Hing (asafoetida)—one pinch.

1. Blend curry leaves (six to eight) and black peppercorn in a mixer grinder to form a smooth paste. Blend the paste, curd, and water. 

2. Add water if the lassi is thicker. Mix chaat masala, black salt, and sugar to taste. Use more salt and less sugar. Sugar enhances the salty taste of lassi. 

3.  When satisfied with the consistency, pour lassi into two glasses. Hing, mustard seeds, and curry leaves should be fried on a medium temperature in oil to preserve their color. Drain the oil and prepare the mix. 

4. Top the two lassis with one tablespoon of hanging curd and fried curry leaf mix. Top with chaat masala and enjoy! For a chilled lassi, combine it with ice.

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