Mix ingredients with condensed milk. Wait 3 minutes for cake.

How to make a quick dessert step by step?

Before we move on to the detailed instructions, I need to emphasize one more thing. The recipe is so simple, that even if you've never baked anything before, you're guaranteed success right from the start.

It can't get any better, so there's no point in delaying and let's get to work!


– 1 cup of flour, – 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder, – 3 eggs, – 6.3 oz of condensed milk, – 4.2 oz of butter.

Method of preparation:

1. Start the recipe by sifting the flour. This step also aerates it. Then add baking powder to the flour. 2. In a separate bowl, combine condensed milk and butter.

3. When the ingredients are well combined, start gradually adding one egg at a time. 4. In the end, there should be flour with baking powder in the bowl.

5. Transfer the resulting mixture to a baking dish, after which put it in a preheated oven for 40 minutes. The appliance should operate at 356 degrees Fahrenheit. Enjoy!

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