Pepsi Just Brought Back Its Iconic Spring Beverage

PepsiCo is producing another soft drink just weeks after debuting an updated Pepsi Zero Sugar and Starry, a lemon-lime soda.

With a long-awaited beverage release, the soda giant is ready for spring over a month away. Pepsi released a limited-time Peeps-flavored beverage in cooperation with the marshmallow dessert business.

An official press release describes the seasonal drink as "Pepsi X Peeps": "the refreshing taste of Pepsi cola with the classic sweet Peeps Marshmallow flavor consumers know and love."

Pepsi debuted Peeps-flavored cola in 2021. Pepsi's #HangingWithMyPEEPS promotion, which asked followers to post images of themselves enjoying their favorite 

Pepsi termed the soda's debut "unforgettable," saying it "was even sold for hundreds of dollars on the secondary market.Pepsi and Peeps are hosting another Snapchat egg hunt to promote the now-widely available drink.

To enter, scan their Pepsi x Peeps can or bottle with the co-branded Snapchat lens to unlock prizes like exclusive items and a two-person spring getaway.

We couldn't be more excited to reignite our partnership with Peeps, bringing two iconic brands back together after the frenzy of consumer interest in 2021

Pepsi's director of brand marketing, Katelyn Meola, said in a press release. "The collaboration is unmatched—a tasty and refreshing delight adored by two dedicated fanbases 

 That gives unrestrained joy to Pepsi and Peeps fans across. We're excited to offer Pepsi x Peeps to fans nationwide this time around after only a handful fans got the cans last time."

Pepsi has launched new tastes with other brands besides Peeps. The beverage firm and iHop sold maple syrup-flavored cola last March. Pepsi previously released a Cracker Jack-flavored beverage.

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