Southwest Eliminates Boeing Max 7 From 2024 Fleet

The consequences of the Boeing Max incident that occurred on January 5 aboard an Alaska Airlines flight persistently resonate across the airline sector.

Recently, Southwest Airlines announced its intention to reduce the number of deliveries it accepts of the contentious Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

Reuters reports that the airline has also omitted the MAX 7 model from its fleet lineup plans for 2024.

Southwest's announcement follows that of United Airlines, which earlier this week declared its intention to eliminate the larger MAX 10 aircraft from its fleet strategy.

Southwest Airlines has a long history of being a devoted customer of Boeing. The carrier is projected to receive 79 MAX aircraft this year. 

Reuters reports that the decrease in the quantity of aircraft being delivered is associated with supply chain difficulties on the part of Boeing and complications regarding the certification status of the MAX 7.

Southwest is expediting orders for MAX 8 aircraft in the place of MAX 7 aircraft.

In the interim, the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States has indicated that Boeing might not augment its MAX aircraft production.

A fact that has the potential to affect both airlines and consumers. In the event of an aircraft shortage, airlines have the potential to escalate ticket prices.

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