The American Alligator dominates the freshwater ecosystems of the southeastern United States, including rivers, swamps, and marshlands.

American Alligator

The Great White Shark, a legendary hunter of the seas, patrols the shores of North America, especially around the northeastern and western Pacific regions.

Great White Shark

Cougars, secretive yet formidable hunters, traverse the extensive landscapes of both North and South America.


Moose stand as the giants of the deer family, distinguished by the impressive antlers of the males.


Bull Sharks stand out in the shark family due to their remarkable ability to live in both saline and freshwater environments, even venturing deep into river systems.

Bull Shark

The American Crocodile inhabits the coastal regions of the southern United States, with a significant presence in Florida.

American Crocodile

Coral Snakes, recognizable by their vivid stripes of red, yellow, and black, signal the presence of their highly toxic venom.

Coral Snake

Jellyfish, characterized by their see-through bodies and long, dangling tentacles, inhabit seas globally, spanning to the waters of North America.


The Gray Wolf, historically abundant throughout North America, holds a vital position within its ecosystem through the regulation of other species’ populations.

Gray Wolf

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