The Best Probiotic Food to Buy at Trader Joe's, According to a Dietitian

First and foremost, when looking for a probiotic snack, double check that it actually has probiotics.

What To Look For In A Probiotic Snack

Trader Joe’s has no shortage of fun, inventive foods–probiotic picks included.

The Best Probiotic Food At Trader Joe’s

Protein is important for promoting satiety and repairing and generating new cells (including muscle cells).

High in Protein

Eating enough fiber helps your gut microbiome to flourish and promotes regular bowel habits.

Pairs Well With Fiber-Rich Foods

Relative to some other flavored yogurts on the market, this one isn’t very high in added sugars.

Low in Added Sugar

Any of the Greek yogurts at Trader Joe’s provide probiotics, as well as some protein.

Greek yogurt.

Enjoy one of the various flavors Trader Joe’s offers as a post-workout snack or as a part of a balanced breakfast.


Kombucha is a refreshing fermented drink that contains probiotics.


So on your next trip to Trader Joe’s, we suggest picking up their Icelandic Style Skyr Lowfat Vanilla Yogurt.

The Bottom Line