Top 10 American Animals

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Bald Eagle:

The bald eagle is the national bird and symbol of the United States. With its striking white head and tail, it is known for its impressive wingspan and powerful presence.

American Bison:

The American bison, often referred to as buffalo, is an iconic symbol of the American West. T

Grizzly Bear:

The grizzly bear is a powerful and iconic symbol of the wilderness in the western parts of North America.

North American Gray Wolf:

The gray wolf is a symbol of the wild and has a significant presence in North America. E

American Alligator:

The American alligator is a large reptile found in freshwater habitats of the southeastern United States.

Mountain Lion:

Also known as cougar or puma, the mountain lion is a large cat found in various habitats across North and South America.

American Beaver:

The American beaver is known for its dam-building behavior, creating complex structures in rivers and streams.

Eastern Box Turtle:

The eastern box turtle is a land-dwelling reptile found in the eastern United States. It is known for its distinctive, hinged shell that allows it to retract completely.

North American Porcupine:

The North American porcupine is a large rodent with a coat of sharp spines or quills.

Red-Tailed Hawk:

The red-tailed hawk is a common and widespread bird of prey in North America. It is known for its broad wings and distinctive red tail feathers.


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