Top 10 Animals That Hunt Rattlesnakes

King Snakes:

They overpower their prey by constricting them and are highly effective at controlling rattlesnake populations.


They are immune to rattlesnake venom and have been observed killing and eating rattlesnakes, often by pecking at their heads repeatedly.


They have sharp talons and keen eyesight, allowing them to swoop down and grab snakes with precision.


They are nocturnal hunters with excellent vision and silent flight, making them effective predators of rattlesnakes.


They have been observed flipping snakes into the air and then catching and consuming them.


They use their powerful claws to dig into burrows and rock crevices where rattlesnakes hide, then quickly.


They are agile and quick, using their speed and agility to avoid snake strikes.

Feral Hogs:

They have been observed rooting through snake dens and consuming rattlesnakes as part of their diet.


Bobcats are skilled hunters that prey on a variety of small mammals, birds, and reptiles, including rattlesnakes.

Mongoose Lemurs:

They are agile climbers and skilled hunters, using their long fingers and sharp teeth to catch and kill snakes.

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