Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Reporting a Major Egg Shortage

Eggs have shoppers scurrying. Per a dozen large Grade A eggs, the fourth-most-purchased U.S. supermarket item, cost $4.25 last month, according to the BLS.

The US Sun revealed that certain Trader Joe's locations sell eggs for $2.99 a dozen, but the beloved grocery company isn't immune to

inventory shortages. The devastating avian flu outbreak and rising feed, energy, and labor costs have constricted the egg supply, and shoppers

On Reddit, one user submitted a photo of empty egg shelves at Trader Joe's and wrote, "I think my TJs has given up on eggs.

Other customers reported buying limits at their locations. Photo of signs reading, "Eggs are limited to two cartons per home. I appreciate

your understanding." Other individuals noted the same restriction, with one saying their store was "pretty well stocked," while another stated they were still out of eggs.

Apparently a TJ's employee commented, "Come at 8 for eggs. They always arrive at 8." Someone said, "I'm an old fart so I get there at 8 am

when they open – have not had any problems getting eggs yet." This Reddit user also said

that a Trader Joe's employee encouraged the store to order less egg because it won't raise pricing.

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