Brands That Actually Make Costco's Kirkland Products

There’s hot dogs – and then there’s hot dogs – and Costco’s own brand of our favorite backyard BBQ treats are not only easy on the wallet but they’re also easy on the taste buds.

Hot Dogs – Hebrew Natural

There’s actually no need to worry because our favorite big box store is rumored to be selling Mobile gasoline for an incredible price.

Gas – Mobile

Pet parents are particular about the food they feed their favorite furry friend and may be dubious of off-brand labels, but Costco’s Kirkland Signature pet food is one of the company’s best selling items.

Dog Food – Diamond Naturals

Costco’s toilet paper is the stuff of legend thanks to its soft, cushy texture and durability

Toilet Paper – Charmin

Customers can’t get enough of Kirkland Signature Sliced Bacon and they’re right to be enamored by the product.

Bacon – Hormel

The debate still rages on regarding Costco’s Kirkland Signature American Vodka as to whether it’s manufactured by Grey Goose

Vodka – Grey Goose

According to CNNMoney, that cut-priced bargain can of Costco-brand tuna is actually Bumble Bee tuna in disguise.

Canned Tuna – Bumble Bee

Ice cream is the staple of any well-stocked freezer and whether you’re adding it to your favorite pie, topping it with chocolate syrup, or just eating it plain

Ice Cream – The Humboldt Creamery

Costco’s cheese selection is renowned, especially their international cheeses which are sourced from around the globe.

Parmesan Cheese – Formaggi Zanetti